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Yesterday, March 21st an American skier (17 years old) lost his life whilst skiing down the l’aiguille du Tacul.

The young man was skiing with a guide when he fell the wrong side of the steep decent, sadly resulting in a fall of 400 metres.

The Chamonix PGHM helicopter was scrambled, but sadly the young man as pronounced dead at the scene.

There is currently an investigation underway to determine what happened in more detail.

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    • Sam
      Sam says:

      Pretty extreme accusation. Considering you have no idea of the circumstances or details of what happened.

  1. Dean Espenson
    Dean Espenson says:

    Very sad, but accidents happen. The guide would only be at fault if the young skier fell in an area where he should have been roped up, or failed to realize the skiers abilities were not sufficient to handle such a steep couloir. Even the best skiers can fall. There is an inherent risk skiing the steeps that no guide can prevent.

  2. Red
    Red says:

    The skier’s family deserves a thorough investigation. This senseless death of a 17yr old man could not be more tragic.

  3. Steve Malone
    Steve Malone says:

    My experience with guides in the Alps is that they are very experienced and guide with safety in mind.

  4. wayne
    wayne says:

    There are so many people doing so many things in this area .. guided or not … statistically there will be more accidents here than in quiet areas … shit happens … even if you stay at home!!

  5. Owen
    Owen says:

    Excuse me but I please ask that everyone not offering anything but condolences shut up immediately. My brother’s death was extremely tragic but entirely a freak accident which was no ones fault.

    • Shelli
      Shelli says:

      Mon cher Owen, Words cannot express how deeply saddened I was to hear this news. I have been thinking of you & your family constantly. I hope you all will be able to find peace as you support each other through the difficult grieving process. Much peace & love to you all.

    • James Carter
      James Carter says:

      So sorry for you and your family’s loss, Owen. I know your family from Dublin, NH, and remember Aiden’s fabulous exuberance and love of life.
      I regularly skied, climbed, and toured around Chamonix before moving to Asia. Anything can happen up there, and we all embrace that when we go up. It’s part of what sets us free.
      Peace be with you

      • Mary Ann Serlin
        Mary Ann Serlin says:

        Owen, my dearest condolences to you and your family on your tragic loss. My son Will was on Team Viking with Aidan. The team will surely miss him.

  6. Lesley
    Lesley says:

    So incredibly tragic. My daughter attends high school with him. They were in Tanzania together. She is in tears. We are without words other then to send our deepest condolences.

  7. A brother
    A brother says:

    Owen— I can not imagine the depth of your pain. I offer you my deepest condolences and hope, if I may offer any, that the bond you have with your brother—your love for him and his spirit inside you—give you all the strength you may need to keep going.

    Sam CHAPNICK says:

    Owen our daughter went to school with him and I met him for the first time the Friday before spring break. We have spent all night feeling horrified for you and your family. He was an incredible kid so dedicated to the environment so adventurous so intelligent and with so much to give the world. We are so so sorry this happened.

  9. Santana
    Santana says:

    My condolences go out to you and the rest of the family. My son (Elden) was in math class with Aiden and can not express how devastrating this is. My older son graduated from BC last year and recalls his love for climbing and how popular he was. He will be missed by the BC family. We have you all in our prayers and may the lord provide the family the strength and peace during this time.
    The Santana family

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