Planet Chamonix Via Ferrata

  • Starting Altitude :  2000 Meters

  • Difficulty: Advanced 

  • Finishing Altitude: 2150 Meters 

  • Course length: 200 Meters 

  • Price: FREE (17,50€ If Using The Telecabin, Return Price) 

Team Planet took on the steep walls of granite AKA Via Ferrata des Evettes!

The course was officially opened in September 2016, designed and built by both the Compagnie des Guides Chamonix and the Compagnie du Mont Blanc.

Over the years we have all tackled the odd wobbly rusty ladder, but fear not the Via Ferrata des Evettes is of 1st class quality.

After just a 25 minute walk from the Flégère lift station we quickly found ourselves at the bottom of the course.

We carefully put on all the advised safety equipment, not forgetting to pack multiple Twix bars for sporty reasons.

The first section was for sure an eye opener as it got vertical very quickly, but with the right kit plus a basic climbing knowledge we pressed on without looking down!

The first pit stop was a welcome sight for our fore arms…  With the adrenaline pumping plus Twix power we carried on.

The next section wasn’t to steep but did have a great small cable bridge to tackle halfway up.

1 hour in, the second pit stop area arrived before us.  Whilst taking a breather and getting overtaken by sporty looking people we started to take in the next pitch.

The last pitch was interesting to say the least with a vertical cliff hanger kind of cross over (Official Climbing Jargon) The weather quickly came in with thunder and light rain which made us move on quickly as the metal started to get a bit slippery.

Once we summited the last section of granite the bridge of all bridges came into view!  The Himalayan bridge was fantastic with views across the whole valley.  We crossed it in windy rainy conditions which made the bridge shake a little giving us even more excitement!

Its important that you have some basic climbing knowledge or even better why not get a guide?  Hiring a guide in Chamonix always pays off, no kit worries plus a lot more safe thrills!

So what are you waiting for… Get outside and have some fun!

Contact us for any help with finding a great guide! 

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Planet Chamonix Via Ferrata

Amazing Via Ferrata Des Evettes!!

Team Planet took on the steep walls of granite AKA Via Ferrata des Evettes!
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