The easy way to book instruction or guiding from a range of top providers, with the unique option to split the cost with other skiers

A Fantastic Modern Approach On Booking Ski Guides Or Instructors, Whilst Saving Money Splitting The Costs

When Planet Chamonix heard about the chance to work with Roped Up we jumped at the chance.

Roped Up is a unique service that we believe not just Chamonix but the entire Alps have been crying out for!

From Heli-Skiing down some once in a lifetime faces to getting to grips with the infamous snow plows, ROPEDUP.COM offers it all.

Whats all the hype about…

ROPEDUP.COM is a fast moving social website were you can meet like minded people in order to split the price of a guide or even a ski lesson.

We all know that skiing can be expensive especially if traveling solo or as part of a mixed ability group, with ROPEDUP.COM you make your own “EVENT” that can even include summiting Europe’s highest peak!  Or perhaps just join a group that matches perfectly with what your looking for already.

When traveling solo it can be so hard to find new ski buddies especially for a short period of time, ROPEDUP has bridged that gap and given you the opportunity to organise an epic time in the mountains. Weeks or even months before you arrive…

Soo if your planning a trip to Chamonix soon and want to brush up on your alpine skills get in touch and make your holiday trully unforgettable.

Planet Chamonix can also offer you a special PROMO CODE which translates to 10€ off EVERY booking made Meaning even more savings for Après Ski!



Roped Up Chamonix


Creator enters sport, ability level, instruction type, date and resort. Min and max group size also set by creator — min group size determines the critical group size at which the event will “Go-live”. If this threshold is not reached the event will not happen and you will not be charged.

Roped Up Chamonix


Joiner finds a group / event to join. Events / groups can be searched by date, resort, instruction type, sport and ability level.


Joiner sends “Request to join” to the group creator. The creator accepts request and joiner is added to the event.

Roped Up Chamonix


When enough people are accepted and the minimum critical group size is reached the event can “GO-LIVE”. Only at this point are people committed to pay.

Roped Up Chamonix


Once the event is certain to go-ahead the creator selects a guide from Roped Up’s live list of available fully qualified instructors / guides.

Roped Up Chamonix


Once the event is certain to go-ahead the creator selects a guide from Roped Up’s live list of available fully qualified instructors / guides.

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