No more sneakers or trail equipment to be used to summit Western Europe’s highest peak

“Today enough is enough, confronted to the refusal to understand the messages of preventions, I have decided to sign this municipal order which will immediately come into effect.” Jean-Marc Peillex
Mayor and departmental councillor for the Mont-Blanc Area.

After far too many incidents on and around the Mont Blanc massif Jean-Marc Peillex, Mayor and departmental councillor for the Mont-Blanc Area has decided to put some stronger measures in to place to stop these tragedies.  As you can imagine putting rules into the huge Mont Blanc Massif is going to be very difficult, and will take considerable time to work out what will actually be put into place.  This might include certain manned checkpoints at various locations or a licence/permit of some type in order to be up high, with the rising number of people now in excess of 400 daily something really needs to be down to stop these unnecessary risks to human life.  What’s now been put down on paper officially is a kit requirement for every Alpinist or guide attempting to summit this mythical mountain.