Bonjour Whats Your Emergency…Bahhhh

Friday morning at around 8:30 am a crack team of six rescuers from the Chamonix PGHM and the mountain animal rescue team (Esam) rescued…

Young Climbers Involved In Fatal Fall

The two climbers set off tuesday morning to climb the Bonington route up the Aiguille du Plan, alas nothing was heard from them throughout the day.

Climbers Blocked | PGHM Sent Out In Snowstorm

The rescuers set up a RDV with an experienced piste grooming operator, who bought them to the cliffs edge just under the Chalet lognon, they went on to set up a rope winch.

Thunder | Terror On The Mountain

Several groups of mountaineers were terrorised by the thunderstorms in the Mont Blanc Massif on Saturday evening, resulting in some forced to spend the night amongst the deadly seracs at 4,700 meters!

Glacier du Tour | Korean Skier Dies (45)

An Early Morning Call Out For The Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne,
But Sadly Nothing Could Be Done To Safe The Victim.

Chamonix Extreme Weather Emergency Alerts By Text

Take Advantage Of This FREE Public Service, When Surrounded By Extreme Weather Its Better To Have All The Knowledge And Facts.
Planet Chamonix, Mont Blanc.

Wingsuit Jumper Dies In Crash Off The Pointe d’Areu

Fatality Off The Pointe d’Areu After A Wingsuit Jumper Hit The Ground

Mont Blanc, Couloir du Goûter Claims Two More Lives

More Deaths In The Couloir du Goûter, Should Climbers Be Roped Together?

Three Slovakian Climbers Caught Up In Arctic Storm

The Call Came In For 3 Men Stuck On The Dome de Gouter, The PGHM Carried Out The Rescue On Monday Morning.

Romanian Alpinist Dies in Fatal Fall On The Dome de Gouter

A 38 year old Romanian National was yesterday involved in a fatal fall whilst descending the Mont Blanc