The lifeless bodies of two young people were discovered at the foot of the Tour Ronde last Friday morning (June 15).

Both were in their twenties and originate from the Annecy region of the Haute Savoie.  They were also part of the Annecy French Alpine Club (CAF) and climbing alone without a guide.

The accident occurred last Thursday (June 14th)

That morning the climbers roped and equipped with helmets and crampons, left the Torino refuge to climb the Tour Ronde  (3792 meters above sea level). The refuge guardian alerted the PGHM (High Mountain Rescue) that Friday morning, realising they had not returned yet.

The PGHM spotted the bodies shortly after 9 o’clock at about 3500 meters altitude during an aerial helicopter search.  The bodies were recovered by the Italian Valdôtain mountain rescue service,  on the south-east Italian side.

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  1. Allen Newby
    Allen Newby says:

    Sad news. Does anyone know why there have been a recent spate of accidents? Years ago it used to be a fairly straightforward steep plod but has got more icy. I wonder if the overlying snow from this winter is unstable. Any reports from recent ascents?

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