Doctor Bailey's Body Found

The body of Doctor Bailey has sadly been found lifeless yesterday.

Many different attempts have been made over the last few weeks to find Doctor Bailey but sadly none were successful.

This Tuesday, four teams of search dogs from the national dog training center of the gendarmerie (Gramat) restarted the search with the help of warmer weather and no snow.  In an area not far from the chalets du Fer (Chenaux), at about 1,280 metres a snowshoe was found placed against a tree.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bozon – “One imagines that the path that Robert Bailey wanted to follow was snow-covered, plus it’s a path scarcely traveled and covered in vegetation, he was probably lost and wanted to indicate his direction by leaving his snowshoe.”

The PGHM with the help of their dog unit continued their search with helicopter support, until finally the body of Robert Bailey was found in a river thats leads into the Gorges de la Diosaz.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this awful time.

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  1. Jacqueline O’Neill
    Jacqueline O’Neill says:

    Such an amazing man & GP. Loved his family and wife. Will be fondly remember and very sadly missed. Deepest sympathy and thoughts with family x

  2. Janet , Smith
    Janet , Smith says:

    Thank you to all that we’re involved in the search for Dr Bailey now his family have some sort of closure . Thinking of them at this tragically dad time .he was a lovely man who is greatly missed by everyone 😢

  3. wendy sheppard
    wendy sheppard says:

    Oh Janet I still can’t believe it, his poor poor family, I can’t imagine how they are feeling when I’m feeling this bad. Do you think we will ever find out what happened to Rob? or if there will be some sort of memorial service for him for his patience n friends?

    • Janet , Smith to
      Janet , Smith to says:

      Wendy I doubt we will . I can’t believe it either . It’s truly awful . I hope there is a service for him as many many people would want to pay respects. I feel for Dr b s family . I can’t imagine how they feel . I really can’t .he was so proud of them all. Always had something to say about them . And of course Murphy rolling in fox poo . Took them three days to get the smell off him lol . .I just can’t believe he’s not at the surgery anymore . He was so caring and always went above and beyond . He is very missed x

  4. wendy sheppard
    wendy sheppard says:

    It is so horrendously awful, its going round n round in my head, “wonder what happened to him” I really hope he didn’t suffer. can’t believe such an awful thing happened to such a lovely, genuine friend and GP but yer funny he told me about Murphy and the foxes poo and smell Rob wasn’t too pleased lol. I just really can’t get my head round the fact he’s gone and Im not gonna see him at the surgery or walking/ driving around. Above and beyond is so accurate, truly, deeply missed by so many. Im so heartbroken xx

  5. Janet , Smith
    Janet , Smith says:

    Was gonna message u on.messenger. . I’ve looked but don’t know which Wendy u are lol

    • wendy sheppard
      wendy sheppard says:

      ok lol my cover pic is a toddler being held by a young male and my profile pic is 2 females 1 dark haired and 1 blonde with a baldy male in between them, hope that helps

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