Powder Skiing Like Never Before In December…

Team Planet decided to make the most out of the few sunny hours yesterday and head on up to Le Tour, and boy was it a great call.

As we arrived at the bottom of Le Tour expecting to be greeted by a rammed car park, we were shocked to see only a handful of cars!  We double checked the app and it confirmed the resort was open… We jumped straight on the lift still expecting to be greeted by a “FERME” sign.  As we started to gain altitude our eyes where fixated on the scenery outside, SNOW and i mean a lot of it.  You could of been mistaken in thinking it was late February with that amount of white gold, again we walked straight onto the chairlift like a limousine awaiting P-Diddy outside a LA nightclub…

Up up and away our eyes are still wide open whilst shouting to each other which lines to take first, the place was deserted we counted a maximum of 30 people skiing on virgin snow.  As we took our first traverse that lead us straight into the biggest of champagne powder bowls we knew that this was going to be an epic day!

There was areas of up to 3 meters snow depth especially in the gullies (after a few scientific ski pole incisions) We rode until the flat light came in which coincidentally arrived at the same time as multiple leg cramps!

So time to wax those skis before the next storm rolls in later today with another 70+cms!

Stay safe and enjoy.

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