Downhill Biking @ Les Houches!

Stormy day slashing the pistes

What a buzz! From the valley floor it takes a matter of minutes to be “air-lifted!” up to 1900 meter’s. When the doors open you are free to get knarly!

The beauty of Les Houches is that you can pick or choose a vast array of terrain suitable for your level. there are gorgeous flowery pastures to fly though, mid level tree lines are great here too. there is a “easy” 4×4 track all the way down the backside to St Gervais that is a must, but will need to get on some form of public transport in order to get back to Chamonix.


Warning: If the heavens open and it starts getting wet, it makes some of the lower tree runs extremely slippy and muddy so if you left your knarly boots at home.. lift it down! Never has this been so clear as a couple of years back when Christian came a cropper on some north shore and tore/lost most of his clothes! i thought he had been attacked by a mother grizzly and i throw her cubs in as well!